New Novels

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Faith through the Storm,  is the memoir of a true American hero, Major James Capers, USMC (Retired), who voluntarily served his country during the Vietnam War. In 1965, Capers volunteered for duty in Southeast Asia with the Marines’ newly formed 3rd Force Reconnaissance Company. He participated in five major campaigns, four amphibious assault landings  with the 26th Marine’s Special Landing Forces, and Operation Double Talk, in which his patrol attempted to rescue American POW’s being held in a prison camp behind North Vietnamese lines. On March 31, 1967, Lt. Capers, his nine-man Recon patrol, and their war dog, King, embarked on their last patrol. Their mission was to  destroy a reported North Vietnamese Base Camp in the area around the village of Phu Loc. Engaged in fierce fighting against a regimental sized enemy force, all nine members of Team Broadminded were critically wounded, including Capers with nineteen wounds, before being evacuated from the scene. The only fatal casualty was to the team’s war dog, King. For their action on this mission, Capers was nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor … which was only the beginning of a soldier’s fight for the honor and recognition of his team members, known as Team Broadminded.